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  • At Oxford Property Management, we treat our tenants like neighbors.  Your goal is to find the rental home that’s right for you, and we want to help you along the way.  We guarantee that every home under our care meets our standards of excellence, and that excellence extends into maintaining the property while you live there.  We provide fast and friendly service whenever you need it, and we’re here to answer questions you may have concerning renting any of our properties.

  • Interested in renting one of our properties?  Fill out a rental application so that we can see if you’re a good fit as a tenant for one of our properties.

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  • Electric wiring on the fritz? Notice a few issues in the structure of your home? Let us know about any issues you’re having so that we can contact a maintenance crew right away.

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  • Prospective Tenants

    Whether you’re new to the area or just simply relocating, we’d like to welcome you to our community!  We care about our tenants, and we live up to our standard of excellence in ensuring the quality of your home.  Take a moment and familiarize yourself with our rental policies and procedures, then fill out an application so that we can help you find the home that’s right for you.

  • Current Tenants

    As one of our tenants, we value your opinions and feedback.  We want to make sure that the home you’re renting is maintained to our standard of excellence.  We also simply enjoy hearing from you and the good things you enjoy about your home.  You’re one of our neighbors, and we want you to feel connected with your community.  So, if you have questions about the home you’re renting or our rental policies and procedures, feel free to contact us.  We’re here for you and the good of your home.